Outdoor Range Fees:

Adults: $10
12–16yrs: $8
11 and under: Free

The outdoor 3D range is open 365 days a year on the honor system: when the proshop is closed, put your shooting fee in the mail box on the door. Scorecards are in the wooden box by the door.


Indoor Range Fees (hourly rate - 1/2 hour minimum):

Adult: $10
12–16yrs: $8
11 & Under: $3

Adult: $8
12–16yrs: $6
11 & under: $4

Recurve Bow & arrow rental:  $8 per hour        Arrow rental:  $4 per hour

The indoor 3D and paper range is open during Pro Shop hours. Please see schedule for information on shoots, leagues and classes.


Administrator Contacts 6858
Phone Number: (734) 461-0266