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To support growing the sport of archery, we at Adams Archery run J.O.A.D, a U.S.A Archery program and a fantastic opportunity for young archers to explore the world of archery.

JOAD is all about helping young archers, aged 8 to 20, discover the joy of archery while providing a pathway to competition for those who wish to pursue it. We cater to barebow, recurve, and compound archers, offering a safe and welcoming environment where you can learn the essentials of range safety and proper shooting techniques. But JOAD is about much more than archery – it's a place where you can cultivate focus, boost your self-confidence, and develop valuable teamwork skills.

As a part of Adams Archery, our J.O.A.D program is designed to adapt and grow with you. With coaches certified by U.S.A. Archery, we start young with a beginner class that lay the foundation for correct shooting form and fundamentals. As your skills progress, we have additional classes to help further your skill including an intermediate for seasoned shooters, and an advanced team that travels to tournaments both statewide and nationally.  At Adams Archery, we are here to help young archers embark on a thrilling archery journey, whether it's for the pure enjoyment of the sport, practicing for a hunt, or the excitement of competition. We look forward to helping you develop your archery skills and grow as an archer within our supportive community.



The Beginner J.O.A.D class is designed for youth archers who are brand-new to the sport. Here we teach key fundamentals such as proper form, stance, etiquette on a shooting line, and safety all while keeping the fun of the sport a priority.


 The Intermediate class works on building on the fundamentals and focuses more on furthering the skills of the archers. Students begin practicing tournament style shooting at targets, keeping score to work towards achievement pins.


The Advanced class serves the purpose for archers who wish to travel and shoot competitively. With an invitation to the team, coaches work with the archers on fine tuning their skills and their mental game to reach peak performance in a tournament setting.


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